Mustang: Beautiful Filmmaking in Its Rawest Form

It’s not often that a film will leave me at a loss for words. Mustang, a foreign film co-produced by France, Germany, and Turkey (in which it’s set), defied every expectation I’d had for how I’d feel when it ended. I knew it had been well-received, that it had won awards, that it had been nominated for a […]

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The Games of Choice, Part I: The Stanley Parable and The Beginner’s Guide

While four games might seem like a lot, I could probably—given time and patience I (probably happily, for your sake) do not have—expand this two-part post to every game I’ve ever played. It’s the nature of the medium that every video game will, at some level, be about the mechanics of choice. However overt or covert […]

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Sense8, The Oscars, and the Second Diversity Argument

I have a conflicted relationship with Sense8, Netflix and the Wachowskis’ sci-fi/fantasy experiment from last June. On one hand, its writing is absolutely atrocious. It ignores the entire concept of showing over telling, it has no sense of pace or plot, its worldbuilding is all over the place, and its dialogue is filled with some of […]

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