Sunset Over Ithaca

I usually believe in letting things explain themselves, and I don’t expect anyone to read this at least until I’ve made several posts, but, just in case you’ve wandered here from somewhere else in the far reaches of the Internet, here’s a brief introduction.

Welcome to Sunset Over Ithaca, named because 1) I’m terrible with names and 2) as I was creating this site, I was watching the sunset over Ithaca outside my window.  (Incidentally, this is the snowy, New York Ithaca, not the temperate Greek island that I will dream about when -30 degree wind chills hit in February.)

Sunset Over Ithaca is (or will be) a place for me to write about all the little, obscure films or books or video games I come across by virtue of living in a place with a higher concentration of hipsters than Brooklyn and San Francisco combined.  Also, superhero films, and Star Wars, when it comes out.  In all honesty, I’ll just write about whatever I can’t help but write about, which—if you decide to return—you’ll find happens quite often.

As for me, I’m a sophomore in college, currently trying to survive finals, publish a novel, and avoid thinking about the inevitable heat death of the universe.  That final one I do by distracting myself with all the various things you’ll soon be reading about here.  It’s usually pretty effective.

So stick around.  It’s going to be a fun time.


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